My plan for this week

the page has been quiet for awhile…

i’ve been ok, and trying to be on my diet as best i can. there have been days that i’ve cheated. like once or twice, i had whole grain pasta, and at my dad’s house i had a flour tortilla oAo)

but for the most part i’m trying to make good choices and use up all the food we had…

I had a taco salad without shell, and my mom took me out to eat and she wanted chinese but i mostly had beef and broccoli and well one egg roll >W< gahhh.

it’s been along time since i had been to that restaurant and it was my favorite one in my old hometown- so ehhh…

this week will be better, i’m still having a hard time eating in the morning and lunch so right now i’m taking protein shakes for breakfast and lunch and a couple pieces of fruit, i think for dinner I’ll have pan cooked chicken with veggie mash and no fat sour cream, we can’t forget reduced fat cheese. 

Wish me Luck!


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Hey guys! Hope you all have been well.

I’m finally doing it! I’m going to show you before and after photos!
If you didn’t know, I’ve been working out lately for general fitness… and because I have a topless scene in a movie LOL

This is kinda embarrassing but it must be done!
Hopefully this…


Some excersises for you all :)


*included a video for each so you can have a demonstration*

For tummy : Abdominal crunches :

Legs and tummy : Bicycle’s :

Legs and tummy : Mountain climber :



Meal Post 1# of Week #2

Name: Kaddy

Post Date: 08/15/2013

Week Number:2

Breakfast: Two egg white and spinach tacos with corn tortillas

Lunch: two chicken and veggie tacos with no fat sour cream and reduced cheese

Dinner: TBA

Snack: a can of sprite :( yeah i know

Exercise:30 minutes of moving xD

Other Remarks: 

I was really thirsty so i had a sprite.

I’ll be stronger next time to say no.

:( I feel bad, but in the long run; I’ve gone pretty good this week so instead of getting depressed I’m going to work harder for here on out!